About Us


A very warm welcome to DentalGo!

DentalGo has years of experience in dentistry. Since dental tourism has become more popular, DentalGo has taken a key role in the industry to make dental treatments available and easily accessible for international patients. Our founders and team members are very ambitious and they have significantly devoted.DentalGo simply works for you Because of rising private dentistry costs in the UK and EU, now patients are very motivated to go abroad for affordable prices. DentalGo has helped lots of patients from the UK and other destinations. We treat each patient carefully to make sure they receive high-end dental treatments at affordable prices.

Your smile is first priority.

We know how it is important to have a beautiful smile in our personal lives. We make sure each of our patients receives the best dental treatment but also they receive the best smiles that can change their life course positively. Our clinics are carefully selected. They are all equipped with the best dental technology. Our surgeons have more than 10 years of experience. We combined all dental services in one place for you.

It’s worth it!

Going abroad for dental treatment is very simplified for you now. DentalGo medical consultants make all arrangements for you. We have combined dental treatment services with travel services in one place.

Regulated, Certified and Insured:

All of our clinics and the doctors are regulated, certified and insured.  We are committed to providing world-class dental treatments

The best price guaranteed!

DentalGo guarantees high-quality dental treatments at budget-friendly prices. Enjoy up to %80 savings.


We have 2 clinics in Turkey. They are both superbly decorated ready to serve you. Our first dental clinic is in Antalya. Antalya is a well known top tourist destination Turkey. It has an international airport and there are many direct flights available from the UK. The second clinic is in Didim. Didim is a small holiday in Turkey. It’s very close to an international airport in İzmir. There are direct flights from the UK.