Full mouth restoration with dental implants

Naturally, we age, when we age there are some consequences for our oral health. The most common problem is losing natural teeth, even we take care of our oral health regularly we could still be using our natural teeth at the older ages. So what is the solution?

In the dental world, there are many solutions available in today’s world, Enchanted technological improvements can present the most competent dental solutions for lost natural teeth.

Dental implant is an absolute solution to replace natural lost teeth. A dental implant is a basically titanium screw that to be placed in the bone jaw as an artificial root. But titanium dental implants are texture friendly so our body accepts it as it’s own natural part and bone cells cover it than dental surgeon place abutment and crown on it so patients can use these implants as natural teeth.

What is full mouth dental restoration? 

Some patients could lose their full natural teeth or there is a problem with natural teeth that patient can no longer use them. In this scenario, the dentist can choose to replace all-natural teeth with dental implants and permanent dentures. We call this treatment a full mouth dental treatment.

All on four dental treatment.

If the dentist place four implants on patients per jaw and place on top of them permanent dentures, this treatment is called all on four dental implants. All on four dental implants in Turkey commonly used dental practice by dentists.

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